Quality management systems

CECOFA invests a lot in quality management, traceability and coffee farming sustainability programs with a quality control laboratory and trainings in GAPs.

Quality and Productivity

Quality and productivity are core values at CECOFA. Quality and productivity projects are being implemented using premium and in partnership with development partners. Free Trainings to members on good agricultural practice in coffee, Fair-trade awareness, MM (Mountain micro organism manure), strengthening internal control/management system, and purchase of Weigh Bridge, construction of a warehouse and procurement of a stand by generator are among targeted premium project interventions. These interventions have played a decisive role in quality and productivity improvements.


CECOFA exchange visits

CECOFA encourages exchanging visits with similar producer organizations within our geographical location as well as beyond our location. This is aimed at exchanging ideas and programs aimed at improving productivity and quality as well as learning to practice diversification.


Train farmers on good coffee growing practices and post harvest handling including, cup testing for best aroma and flavor for high grade yield.

Yearly General Meeting where farmers get together to decide the way forward


The area has two harvest seasons per year and this occurs between the months of may and the main one happens in November. The area experiences two main rainy seasons per year between January and March to May.

CECOFA buys red robusta coffee cherries from 2500 registered small holders farmers, processes it though the dry mill and later transported to outsourced service providers for grading and parking before it is sold/exported.

CECOFA is amongst the farmer producer organization that has managed to acquire an export license and it sells its coffee to the international buyers as Fair-trade certified. It has managed to get better markets and through the premium, it has boosted the community.


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